Britannia School of English

Britannia School of English

We take real pride in teaching students of all ages with the aim of strengthening this global growth which impulses the English language as a powerful unrivalled tool in international communication. At present both demands from modern society as well as all new technological advances serve as the perfect motivational factor for us to improve professional quality and authentic dynamism, two aspects which have always identified our school.

Learning English increases your chances of getting a good job, opens your life to new social circles and circumstances and improves your self-esteem by allowing you to become a well-educated person with wider knowledge of the whole world. In a city like San Carlos de Bariloche, a main tourist resort, English becomes a “must” for people with a clear sense of direction, curiosity and willingness.

We have always focused our identity on a rich academic environment and the introduction of quality material, innovative resources and original approaches which follow the highest international standards in English language acquisition. We try to encourage students to the best of their potential by integrating creative activities with a practical and updated purpose. Our teaching method helps students interact in English in a natural and safe environment and in every situation they face once they cross our school door every week.

Learning English can be a fun, natural and fruitful experience as long as we are determined to follow such path. We have built throughout these years a solid relationship with our community. This has led us to be able to count on a growing number of students who allow us to constantly set high goals in an environment of trust, support and teamwork. We believe these aspects to be paramount to every educational institution success.

At present there are around 375 million people speaking English as their mother tongue. And more than 750 million people who speak this language as their second one. We will be delighted to hear from you and help you open the door to opportunity, diversity and substantial growth.

Malen Shanahan
Director of Studies

Britannia School of English
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Elflein 65 1 piso – tel: 54(294)4435125
San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina